About Us

Our singular focus is to enable you and your loved ones to live independently, safely and comfortably at home for as long as possible. For years, we have helped patients remain with their families and stay healthy for an average of two to five years longer than patients who do not receive home care services. We provide assistance to those in need, regardless of their language or financial barriers.

We are pleased to work in partnership with hospitals, home health services, and other community-based health organizations:

Hospitals: Our comprehensive approach ensures that patients follow their discharge care plans, significantly reducing the reimbursement impacts created by readmissions for the same diagnosis.

Physician offices: Our programs ensure that physicians remain the primary gatekeepers for patients for as long as possible. We incorporate language translation and non-emergency transportation services in our programs to accommodate all patients, regardless of their financial or cultural constraints.

Case Management Organizations: We strive to ensure our case manager partners receive the best possible service. We pride ourselves in our responsiveness, reliability, and high-quality delivery of care.

Home Health Agencies: We partner with home health agencies to create core competencies in servicing non-English speaking patients. As a result, partner HHAs are able to market this specialty, increasing referrals and customer satisfaction.

Corporate & Leadership

Chief Executive Officer

C. CHristopher Tower
Board Member

D. Alan Quarterman
Board Member

Baoky Vu

Director of Government Affair

Summer Grobe

Vice President Human Resources

Miral Patel

Director Adult Day Center

Testimony From Our Client

Patient Story 1


I just became a client at MDC Healthcare and was assigned Cassandra Brewton as my CNA. I have been paralyzed since 2016. Since becoming disabled, I have had a number of CNAs between Georgia and Florida, but Cassandra is one of the best that I have had. She is always on time and treats me with respect. She never hesitates to ask if I need anything when she arrives and when she leaves. I am beyond pleased to have MDC Healthcare as my agency and feel blessed to have Cassandra as my CNA.

-Terri Davis


Patient story 2


From the first day that my case manager called and introduced herself, she has been there for me. She has continually cared for me and helped me and I’m sure that she does the same for all of her clients. With that being said, there really needs to be more people like the ones at MDC Healthcare. I consider myself very blessed to have MDC Healthcare as the agency who handles my care.


Patient story 3


Spanish is my primary language, as well as my mother’s. I have only just begun using MDC Healthcare, but I couldn’t help but cry and hug my mother’s new CNA when we started using her. Just to know that someone will be there to help with her, and all the services that they can provide, is such a huge relief and weight off of my shoulders.


Patient story 4


I was unable to get a hospital bed in my home for months. My patient care provider was unable to assist. I called MDC Healthcare and one of their case managers took over. After she took the case, I received my bed within the month. I called my case manager, crying tears of joy.


Patient story 5


My mom has been with this agency for several months now and I must say that I am very impressed. Upon interviewing this agency, the vice president and Christie spent four hours at my home while I asked numerous questions. I wanted to make sure that I was selecting the best agency to render service to my mom. After signing my mom up, Christy was assigned as her program manager and she has, since then, worked very hard to meet all staffing requirements. This agency values who they choose to service their clients.